Are you…

… a journalism major wishing you could do something with the endless articles you write about Iowa City?

… a creative writer with way too many pieces written in political crisis that you don’t want to throw away but you’re pretty sure are too loosely veiled to go over well in other publications?

… an artist who wants to see your work in public space (inside a zine, but still, y’know, there)?

… a student/community member/random passerby who wants to see your craft published in a cute lil zine?

We can’t promise we’ll be cute, but we can take your submission!

Submit Now!

Keep an eye on our social media for details on Issue #3 – call for submissions coming soon!

We’re looking for fiction, nonfiction, editorials, poetry, visual art, video, and anything that doesn’t quite fit any of those categories.

Written submissions up to 4000 words (flexible), visual submissions at your discretion. Please include a 20-100 word, third-person author bio in your cover letter.

Send submissions to

One submission in each category (image, journalism, nonfiction, fiction, poetry) will be considered per applicant per issue.