Nice Things II

by Casey Vox


You can’t afford to eat
You can’t afford to drink
You can’t afford to sleep
And you can’t afford to think.

You can’t afford the work you love
And you can’t afford to drive
And you can’t afford to do the things
That make you want to be alive…

You can’t afford a therapist
You can’t afford your pill
You can’t afford a doctor
So you don’t dare to get ill

You can’t afford to live, my friend,
But a little FYI —
Don’t even think about it, buddy,
‘Cause you can’t afford to die.


CASEY VOX is a queer, nonbinary poet and occasional voice artist. They’re also a Concierge of The Rainbow Room (part of The Writers’ Rooms), where they moderate discussions on topics of interest to LGBT and ally writers. Casey holds the dubious honor of two-time Vogon Poetry Champion of ICON in Cedar Rapids. Find them on Patreon!


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